347 Dinsley St E, Blyth Ontario
N0M 1H0
(519) 523-9826 or (416) 449-6588


  Charming, cozy, century-old railway station fully air-conditioned bed and breakfast, just minutes away from the theatre.  Romantic hide-away, two rooms with ensuite bath, one with ensuite whirlpool.  Home-cooked brunch in exquisitely restored round wooden waiting room.


  Originally a railway station for the Grand Trunk Railway, the Blyth Station House was a fully operational railway station for the CNR until 1941.  In 1941 the CNR took up the rails to use the iron for the war effort.  In 1989 Linda Vir purchased the old station and renovated it into a bed and breakfast.  A short walk from the theatre, this bed and breakfast is enjoyed by many. 



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